• Cladding – metal framed full height double glazed façade system, with projecting external architectural cladding of rectilinear GRC shells and profiled glazed ceramic faience work
  • Floor-to-floor heights:
    • Entrance hall: 5.4m to 9.0m
    • Office levels 2–16: 3.79m (slab-to-slab) 2.75m (floor-to-ceiling)
  • Planning grid: 1.5m x 1.5m
  • Structural grid: 7.5m x 9/12/13.5m (typical)
  • Floor loadings: Office floors designed for imposed loading of 4kN/m2 (including 1kN/m2 for lightweight partitions)

Public Health Services

  • Design density: WCs 1:10 sq m/person (assuming ratio of 80:40 male:female)

Vehicular Access Provision

  • Integrated taxi and chauffeur drop off from Wood Street
  • Car parking: 1 space at street level
  • Motorcycle parking: 33 bays
  • 118 private bicycle parking spaces
  • Access to the service bay for goods vehicles from Wood Street or St Alphage Garden

Vertical Transportation

Design density: Lifts on office floors 1:10 sq m

  • Main lobby: 6 passenger lifts (21 person) at 2.5m/s. Average waiting time 25 seconds
  • Goods lifts: 1 goods lift at 2,500kg

Interior Architecture

Entrance hall:

Natural stone
Precast concrete or GRC cladding to columns and pilasters, with bronze finish detailing
Profiled glazed ceramic faience, GRC and profiled metal to match external soffits
Lift entrances:
Stainless steel lift landing doors with bronze finish architraves

Electrical Services

Dual 33kV supply to the building secured from UK Power Networks

2.9MVA maximum connect load/3.75MVA (with life safety)

Design also incorporates tenants and landlords resilient rising Busbars throughout the building with localise tap off units on each floor supplying composite panels for each tenant

Design Criteria:

8 w/sq m
Small power:
25w/sq m
10w/sq m
1 person/10 sq m

Mechanical Services

The design is based on EC Fan Coil Units mounted above ceilings in the office areas

Tempered fresh air is provided by on-floor air handling units which draw fresh air from louvres in the façade


  • Full compliance with CPNI and Home Office guidelines
  • CCTV system designed in association with the Association of Chief Police Officers – Designed to comply with BS EN 50132: 2012
  • 24 hour security monitoring all entrance points, from dedicated security control room
  • Dedicated rooms designed for secure screening of incoming items
  • Diverse telecommunication feeds

Dedicated tenant space

Provision of space for tenant plant and storage within the basement


Detailed specifications are available to download from the dataroom.